Conscious Embodiment Trainings runs workshops and courses working with embodied experience. Bringing embodied or lived experience into consciousness awakens aliveness and enables us to live more fully from our depths. The workshops and courses are intended for personal enquiry and professional development. Most are open to anyone who is interested. Some are aimed specifically at professionals, such as psychotherapists, craniosacral therapists, body workers, midwives or doulas. See course information for details.


There are three major themes to the workshops and trainings. These are


Pre and Perinatal Consciousness – our most formative conditioning occurs during the early pre-verbal stages of life. This includes life in the womb, the experience of birth and early infancy.  An awareness of how we are shaped by early experience helps us to recognise the strengths we gained in our journey to become who we are and to reclaim the aspects of ourselves we had to give up to get here. This early experience is accessed through working with embodied processes to access body memory. We embody in the womb. Birth, bonding and attachment are embodied experiences. The body remembers what we have consciously forgotten and when we release early trauma from the body, new possibilities become available to us.

Integrating pre and perinatal consciousness into our understanding of human development allows us to support babies and children at a deeper level. As adults it enables us to reclaim profound aspects of our experience that are culturally given little credence.


Body Wisdom – the body has its own inherent Intelligence, which we can listen to and work with. Most of the time we pay little attention to our fluid animal body which connects us with our natural instinctive selves. Yet our body consciousness is a wellspring of great wisdom, speaking to us in sensations and images that can inform us on many levels and enable us to let go of unresolved trauma. This interface between body and soul is the place where we can tap our indwelling spirituality and richly textured emotional selves in often unexpected ways.


Earth Awareness – our embodied experience only exists as a continuum with our environment and cannot be separated from the rest of nature. Indigenous people connect with the land at a deep spiritual level, which we have lost, but which we can begin to rediscover. True ecological consciousness encompasses a direct embodied relationship with nature in which the earth ceases to be an object to be either exploited or saved. When we look deeply we see that we are of the earth and the earth is of us and there is no real separation.

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