Healing The Earth Healing Ourselves

An Introduction to Sacred Ecology

With Matthew Appleton

On this two day workshop participants are taught to connect with their fluid animal body and to expand awareness so as to develop an interactive and healing relationship with the Earth. Seeing the world through the eyes of the Shaman and connecting with ancestral wisdom are central themes to this introduction to sacred ecology. The workshop is based in the vilage of Stanton Drew and include visits to the Stanton Drew stone circle and will involve some shamanic drumming to help participants to access depper states of consciousness.

Whilst the emphais of the workshop is largely experiential there will be some theoretical input. This will include

  • How earth and atmospheric energies interact with our biological energy
  • The nature of animism and the anima mundi or world soul
  • What we know of what the ancients knew when they created the sites such as Stanton Drew stone circle
  • How the ‘archaic whisper’ of the ancestors may be encoded in ancient site and within us
  • The way in which the ‘imaginal’ functions as a lost sense which we can reclaim and use to ineract with the anima mundi

Cost: £175

Venue: The Parish Hall, Stanton Drew, nr. Bristol.

Date: 2nd/3rd July 2016

To apply contact

Conscious Embodiment Trainings
25 Nottingham Road
Bristol BS7 9DH
Tel: 0117 904 4356
E-mail: conscious.embodiment@sky.com

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