The Birth Journey

Introductory Course

 With  Matthew Appleton & Jenni Meyer

The health and wellbeing that we experience throughout our lives is deeply affected by the conditions we experience in the womb and during our birth. These early experiences create the psychological template that governs many, if not most aspects of our lives. Some of the areas impacted include: decision making, relationships, getting started, addictive behaviors, self-esteem, food and eating issues, money issues, intimacy, parenting styles.

This three day introductory workshop is designed to provide an environment of safety, empathy and confidentiality in which to explore this territory. Structured periods of teaching explain the wide range of the impacts of prenatal and birth patterning on infants, adults and the culture at large.

Time is then devoted to discovering your own prenatal and perinatal history, and exploring how this history plays out in current life situations. You can then participate in exercises which repattern these early events and free you from being stuck in life situations that no longer serve you. The workshop also assists the resolution of the shock and trauma that these events create, thereby increasing self-awareness, self-empowerment and consciousness. Further time is spent learning how to integrate these positive changes into your day-to-day life.

The residential setting for the workshop provides containment to support in depth research and repatterning.

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Dates & venues

The Earthspirit Education Centre, Dundon, nr. Somerton, Somerset.

Cost: £460 (including food & accommodation)

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